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All Things Wild provides animal removal and wildlife control services in Essex County. Along with animal removal services, we ensure that the entry points have been identified and closed to prevent the future entry of animals. We are confident in our animal proofing, so we include a 5-year warranty on our services. 


Damage repairs after animal removal

Cleanups after animal removal

Dead animal removal

Feral cat control

Live trapping and release

General pest inspection

General wildlife removal

Home inspection

Animal proofing

Attic restorations

Damage repairs

Emergency service available

Home services

Humane wildlife control

Humane wildlife removal

Live trapping

Raccoon removal

Squirrel removal

Pest control

Skunk removal

Rat proofing

Bat removal

Bird removal

Animal control service for nuisance, sick, injured, & dead animals

Our services are cost-effective, and we give written guarantee for the services we provide. For any further information on how we work, contact us.


All Things Wild uses humane methods to evict animals from a site. Our one-way door system allows an animal to exit the nesting area, but renders it unable to re-enter. Once we determine that the animal has left, we repair and animal proof the entry point to prevent an animal from entering again. The area is also cleaned and decontaminated, thus removing the animal's scent.

Sometimes a one-way door system cannot be used. This would be when there are babies present, or the area isn't capable of holding a one-way door. In these situations, we use live trapping and release methods. If a mother and young one are present, the mother will be trapped or evicted, and the babies will be hand removed and then placed in an insulated, heated reuniting box. The mother and young one are then released together in a natural environment. When live trapping and releasing, we abide by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources laws.

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